Tasmanian Eastern Continental Shelf 2015



In February 2015, we deployed five moorings on the 28 km wide shelf. These moorings consisted of three traditional moorings and two autonomous profilers (Wirewalkers). All moorings measured temperature and all but the most inshore profiler measured velocity. The WireWalkers had microstructure temperature measurements collected by χpods. The Wirewalkers achieved 0.25 m vertical resolution from the near-bottom to the near-surface with a profile repeat rate of every 10 min or less.
The data is published in: Local winds and encroaching currents drive summertime subsurface blooms over a narrow shelf, Limnology and Oceanography 2022.
Date made available28 Feb 0007
PublisherThe University of Western Australia
Temporal coverage5 Feb 2015 - 24 Feb 2015
Date of data production5 Feb 2015 - 24 Feb 2015
Geographical coverageTasmanian Eastern Continental Shelf


  • Tasmania
  • Shelf

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