Supplementary material 3 from: Muller E, Dvořák M, Marçais B, Caeiro E, Clot B, Desprez-Loustau M-L, Gedda B, Lundén K, Migliorini D, Oliver G, Ramos AP, Rigling D, Rybníček O, Santini A, Schneider S, Stenlid J, Tedeschini E, Aguayo J, Gomez-Gallego M (2023) Conditions of emergence of the Sooty Bark Disease and aerobiology of Cryptostroma corticale in Europe. In: Jactel H, Orazio C, Robinet C, Douma JC, Santini A, Battisti A, Branco M, Seehausen L, Kenis M (Eds) Conceptual and technical innovations to better manage invasions of alien pests and pathogens in forests. NeoBiota 84: 319-347.

  • Elodie Muller (Creator)
  • Miloň Dvořák (Creator)
  • Benoit Marçais (Creator)
  • Elsa Caeiro (Creator)
  • Bernard Clot (Creator)
  • Marie-Laure Desprez-Loustau (Creator)
  • Björn Gedda (Creator)
  • Karl Lundén (Creator)
  • Duccio Migliorini (Creator)
  • Gilles Oliver (Creator)
  • Ana Paula Ramos (Creator)
  • Daniel Rigling (Creator)
  • Ondřej Rybníček (Creator)
  • Alberto Santini (Creator)
  • Salome Schneider (Creator)
  • Jan Stenlid (Creator)
  • Emma Tedeschini (Creator)
  • Jaime Aguayo (Creator)
  • Mireia Gomez-Gallego (Creator)



Standard curve and its correlation coefficient to determine the limit of detection for the real-time PCR assay in ten-folded DNA solutions of C. corticale mycelium (a) and total number of spores in the qPCR reaction (b)
Date made available18 May 2023

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