Supplementary material 1 from: Trueman M, Standish R, Orellana D, Cabrera W (2014) Mapping the extent and spread of multiple plant invasions can help prioritise management in Galapagos National Park. NeoBiota 23: 1-16.

  • Amanda Jane Trueman (Creator)
  • Rachel Standish (Creator)
  • Daniel Orellana (Creator)
  • Wilson Cabrera (Creator)



Index of vegetation classes and results on the distribution of invasive plants from the spatial database of canopy plant densities over the National Park on Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos: Explanation note: This document contains an index to the vegetation classes featured in the spatial database. It also has an additional table of results on the distribution of invasive plants in the canopy in each historical vegetation type, and in each density category.
Date made available2 Sept 2014

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