Supplementary material 1 from: Rix MG, Huey JA, Cooper SJB, Austin AD, Harvey MS (2018) Conservation systematics of the shield-backed trapdoor spiders of the nigrum-group (Mygalomorphae, Idiopidae, Idiosoma): integrative taxonomy reveals a diverse and threatened fauna from south-western Australia. ZooKeys 756: 1-121.

  • Michael G. Rix (University of Adelaide, Queensland Museum , Western Australian Museum) (Creator)
  • Joel A. Huey (Edith Cowan University, Western Australian Museum) (Creator)
  • Steven J B Cooper (Creator)
  • Andrew D. Austin (Creator)
  • Mark Harvey (Creator)



Atlas of morphology
: Explanation note: Atlas of morphology for shield-backed trapdoor spiders of the Idiosoma nigrum-group, illustrating a representative selection of male specimens for each species, in five standard views.
Date made available9 May 2018

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