Stereo BRUVs Cross-shelf Abundance Data

  • Todd Bond (Creator)
  • Benjamin Saunders (Creator)
  • Laura Fullwood (Data Manager)
  • Damon Driessen (Creator)
  • Matthew Birt (Creator)
  • Euan Harvey (Creator)



This dataset contains fish assemblage data (species abundance) collected using stereo BRUVs deployed across three reef lines in Shoalwater and Marmion. These data were collected to investigate the differences in fish assemblages at three depths off Perth, as well as the difference between Marmion and Shoalwater reefs. This research is being analysed and written as part of a Masters project by Lydia Bach from Glasgow University.

General Area Point 1: Latitude :-31.767240 Longitude :115.625357
General Area Point 2: Latitude :-31.774751 Longitude :115.754393
General Area Point 3: Latitude :-32.393528 Longitude :115.513179
General Area Point 4: Latitude :-32.462250 Longitude :115.757967

Collection Method: Stereo BRUV
Camera Orientation: Forward Facing
Camera Calibration: Calibrated
Camera Calibration Information: All cams were calibrated correctly before and after.
Scoring System Used: Event Measure
Sizing Laser: Sizing Laser Not Used
Water Column Position: Demersal Environment
Geomorphic Class: Geomorphic Class Targeted
Geomorphic Class Information: High relief macro-algae reef
Number Of Deployments: 120
Date made available4 Sep 2012
PublisherThe University of Western Australia
Date of data production1 Apr 2012 - 31 May 2012
Geographical coverageMarmion and Shoalwater
Geospatial point-31.767240,115.625357


  • Stereo BRUV

Field of Research (FoR)

  • 040501 Biological Oceanography

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Bond, T. (Creator), Saunders, B. (Creator), Driessen, D. (Creator), Birt, M. (Creator), Harvey, E. (Creator) (4 Sep 2012). Stereo BRUVs Cross-shelf Abundance Data. The University of Western Australia. 10.4225/23/5915273dd125e