Stem diameter inventories within stands of environmental or mallee plantings or natural regeneration

  • Keryn I. Paul (Creator)
  • Stephen H. Roxburgh (Creator)
  • John S. Larmour (Creator)
  • Micah Davies (Contributor)
  • Jacqui England (Contributor)
  • Adam Peck (Creator)
  • Valerie Hagger (Creator)
  • Michael Perring (Creator)
  • Charles Lowson (Contributor)
  • Zoe J. Read (Creator)
  • Tom Lewis (Creator)
  • Trevor Hobbs (Creator)
  • Peter Ritson (Creator)
  • Brian Wilson (Creator)
  • Justin G. Ryan (Creator)
  • Tom Fairman (Contributor)
  • Don Butler (Creator)
  • Kim Brooksbank (Contributor)
  • Richard Hobbs (Creator)
  • Rick Bennett (Creator)
  • Jenny Carter (Creator)



Inventory (tree and shrub stem diameters) for mixed-species environmental plantings, mallee plantings, and stands of natural regeneration. These data sets were collated for the purpose of estimation of biomass carbon in stands of woody vegetation.
Date made available18 Jan 2020
PublisherCSIRO Publishing

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