RV Investigator Voyage IN2017_T01 End of Voyage (EOV) Archive

  • CSIRO (Contributor)
  • Marine National Facility (Contributor)
  • Andy Bowie (Contributor)
  • Katherine Walters (Contributor)
  • Ryan Beemer (Contributor)
  • Vicki Stavropoulos (Contributor)
  • Ben Arthur (Contributor)
  • Peter David Steinberg (Contributor)
  • Eric Woehler (Contributor)



This record describes the End of Voyage (EOV) archive from the Marine National Facility (MNF) RV Investigator research voyage in2017_t01, titled "Natural iron fertilisation of oceans around Australia: linking terrestrial dust and bushfires to marine biogeochemistry." The voyage took place from Sydney (NSW) to Broome (WA) between September 24 and October 8, 2017.

For further information refer to the Voyage documentation links below.

Instruments used and data collected include:
Regular measurements:
Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP; 75 KHz ), Fisheries echosounder (EK60, ME70), Multibeam Echosounder (EM710, EM122), Sub-bottom Profiler (SBP120), GPS Positioning System, Doppler Velocity Log, pCO2, Starboard and Portside Radiometers, Radon, Ozone, Weather Radar, Greenhouse Gas Analysers (Aerodyne, Picarro), Air Pressure, Wind Speed and Direction sensors, Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) sensor, Thermosalinographs.

Voyage-specific measurements:
Cloud Condensation Nuclei counter (CCN, ccnc), Condensation Particle Counters (CPC), Disdrometer, Scanning Mobility Particle Sizers (SMPS), Infrared Sea Surface Temperature Autonomous Radiometer (ISAR), Multiangle Absorption Photometer (MAAP), Nephelometer, Ultra Short BaseLine Underwater Positioning System (USBL), Corer, Trace Metal Sampling, Video.

The archive for the IN2017_T01 EOV raw data is curated by the CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere (O&A) Information and Data Centre (IDC) in Hobart, with a permanent archive at the CSIRO Data Access Portal (DAP, https://data.csiro.au/dap/), providing access to participants and processors of the data collected in the voyage.

All voyage documentation is available electronically to MNF support via the local network. Access to voyage documentation for non-CSIRO participants can be made via DataLibrariansOAMNF@csiro.au.
Date made available14 Feb 2018
PublisherCSIRO Publishing

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