Response of a fringing reef coastline to the direct impact of a tropical cyclone



The data contains observations from the impact of Tropical Cyclone Olwyn to northwest Western Australia in March 2015. A cross-shore array of 5 pressure sensors were deployed to measure wave heights and water levels at Point Jurabi (~5 km north of Tantabiddi), Ningaloo Reef; beach morphology was measured pre- and post-cyclone using RTK-DGPS; and a two-way coupled model was developed using Delft3D and SWAN.

The data sets contains the raw pressure sensor measurements (.rsk), beach morphology grids (.txt), and model input/output files. Please see the 'Cuttler_etal_2017_Metadata.pdf', 'ReadMe.txt' file or contact for further information
Date made available7 Aug 2017

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