Parkes observations for project P834 semester 2013OCTS



We propose to search for a pulsar in the remnant of SN1987A. The existence of a neutron star formed after the explosion of the progenitor, Sk ?69?202, is predicted by stellar evolution theory. Early neutrino detection by three separate ground-based detectors appears to confirm the formation of neutrons. Moreover, recent Compact Array observations hint at the presence of a flat-spectrum component near the centre of the remnant, possibly the result of synchrotron emission from a pulsar-powered nebula. However, the initial mass of the SN1987A progenitor is close to the limit where collapse into a black hole is predicted. It is therefore possible that fallback of matter onto the neutron star resulted in later formation of a black hole, or even a quark star. Detection or otherwise of the SN1987A pulsar would make a powerful contribution to stellar evolution theory.
Date made available1 Jan 2014
PublisherCSIRO Publishing

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