Parkes observations for project P1072 semester 2020OCTS_02

  • George Hobbs (Creator)
  • Joanne Dawson (Creator)
  • Ray P. Norris (Creator)
  • O. Ivy Wong (Creator)
  • Minh Huynh (Creator)
  • Di Li (Creator)
  • Tim Galvin (Creator)
  • Shi Dai (Creator)
  • Chen Wang (Creator)
  • Songbo Zhang (Creator)
  • Weiwei Zhu (Creator)
  • Hossein Farajollahi (Creator)
  • Rui Luo (Creator)
  • Rosalind Wang (Creator)
  • Lars Petersson (Creator)
  • Vivien Rolland (Creator)



The Parkes telescope has been used to discover more than half of the known pulsars. The techniques used continue to be optimised, but the basic search strategy has not changed in decades. In particular the algorithms produce more candidates than can be searched by eye and so machine learning algorithms are used to sift through the candidates. However, the properties of the candidates were designed for human viewing. Here we propose to record data streams from the highly-versatile Parkes UWL system in order to develop pulsar search algorithms that have been developed, from the ground-up, explicitly for machine learning algorithms.
Date made available8 Apr 2021
PublisherCSIRO Publishing

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