Parkes observations for project P1040 semester 2020APRS_01

  • Songbo Zhang (Creator)
  • Dick Manchester (Creator)
  • Lister Staveley-Smith (Creator)
  • George Hobbs (Creator)
  • Lawrence Toomey (Creator)
  • Shi Dai (Creator)
  • Xinping Deng (Creator)
  • Lei Zhang (Creator)
  • Christopher J. Russell (Creator)
  • Shuangqiang Wang (Creator)
  • Xuefeng Wu (Creator)
  • Rui Luo (Creator)
  • Yi Feng (Creator)



We have re-processed all the observations in the Parkes pulsar data archive obtained during the first four years of the Parkes multibeam receiver and have discovered two new FRBs and five single pulse candidates (SPCs) from unknown sources, but with Galactic dispersion measures. These signals were only detected in a single beam of the receiver suggesting that they are unlikely to be terrestrial. There are no known pulsars in the pointing direction of the five SPCs and therefore are likely giant pulses from currently unknown pulsars. Using the Ultra Wideband Low (UWL) receiver we have opportunity to detect repeating signals from the two FRBs and to confirm the five SPCs. As all these signals were detected in the 20 cm band, the UWL provides the opportunity to observe stronger emission in other observing bands.
Date made available25 Jun 2020
PublisherCSIRO Publishing

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