Mapping the distribution and movement of gulper sharks.

  • Todd Bond (Creator)
  • Euan Harvey (Creator)
  • Matthew Birt (Creator)
  • Benjamin Saunders (Creator)
  • Damon Driessen (Creator)
  • Laura Fullwood (Creator)



Gulper sharks (Centrophorus) are species of deepwater dogfish that live on the upper slope and some of the offshore seamounts of Australia. The Harrison’ s Dogfish, Southern Dogfish and the Endeavour Dogfish have been heavily depleted by trawling, long lining and deep set gillnets. In some areas it is estimated there numbers are less than 1% of their initial populations. Because they have extremely low reproductive rates their populations will take a long-time to recover. They have been nominated for listing under the EPBC Act which has ramifications for fisheries operating in deep seafloor habitats. In research funded by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation UWA staff, in collaboration with researchers from CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research in Hobart and industry scientists have been participating in surveys on the east and west coasts of Australia to identify areas where remaining populations of gulper sharks exist. These surveys have used conventional bottom – set longline fishing, but have also trialled fishery independent Baited Remote Underwater Stereo-Video (stereo BRUV) techniques for their potential as a non-extractive monitoring method. This technology has been pioneered at UWA. Collecting video samples at depths of between 250 and 550 metres has many challenges which include the development of underwater lighting systems which do not disturb the sharks. The BRUVs are also sampling many other deepwater fishes (e.g. frostfish, below) and giving us an insight into the ecology of deepwater fish assemblages This dataset contains MaxN relative abundance data from stereo-BRUVs.

Collection Method: Stereo BRUV
Camera Orientation: Forward Facing
Camera Calibration: Calibrated
Camera Calibration Information: All cameras were calibrated prior to and post field work.
Scoring System Used: Event Measure
Sizing Laser: Sizing Laser Not Used
Water Column Position: Demersal Environment
Geomorphic Class: Geomorphic Class Targeted
Geomorphic Class Information: Geomorphic Class Targeted
Number Of Deployments: 66
Date made available27 Feb 2013
PublisherThe University of Western Australia
Date of data production1 Mar 2010 - 31 Mar 2010
Geographical coverageRottnest Canyon
Geospatial point-31.996,115.191


  • Stereo BRUV
  • deepwater
  • dogfish
  • gulper sharks
  • Rottnest Canyon
  • fish assemblages
  • 040501 Biological Oceanography

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