LoRa Underground Farm Sensor Network



A dataset of LoRa radio channel metrics, soil moisture and temperature measurements, weather and flux tower observations, from an underground sensor network on the UWA Future Farm Ridgefield in Western Australia.
Date made available17 Sep 2019
PublisherThe University of Western Australia
Temporal coverage10 Sep 2018 - 2 Jun 2019
Date of data production10 Sep 2018 - 2 Jun 2019
Geospatial point-32.505853,116.966848


  • underground sensor network
  • LoRa
  • soil moisture
  • 080503 Networking and Communications
  • 070104 Agricultural Spatial Analysis and Modelling

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Cardell-Oliver, R. (Creator), Huebner, C. (Creator), Leopold, M. (Creator), Beringer, J. (Creator)(17 Sep 2019). LoRa Underground Farm Sensor Network. The University of Western Australia. loggerClean(.csv), LoRaUndergroundNode(.JPG), UWAfarm5dec2018_EDA(.html), Flux_Ridgefield_2019_L3(.xls), Rx2channelClean(.csv), UWAfarm5dec2018_EDA(.Rmd), UWAfarm15jul2019_EDA(.html), WUSN_rpi_uwafarmdatabase(.db), Rx2measurementClean(.csv), UWAfarm15jul2019_MD(.Rmd), UWAfarm15jul2019_MD(.html), UWAfarm15jul2019_EDA(.Rmd), Flux_Ridgefield_2018_L3(.xls), UWAfarmweatherstation(.csv), loggerRaw(.csv). 10.26182/5d8036e5c4ca7