Insects feeding on HASS avocado flowers, fly pollination related fruitlet and harvest data

  • David F. Cook (Creator)
  • Sasha Voss (Contributor)
  • Shoaib Tufail (Contributor)
  • Sunil Shivananjappa (Contributor)
  • Rob Deyl (Contributor)
  • Elliot T. Howse (Contributor)



Data set of record of insects feeding on Hass avocado flowers, fly trap, fruitlet count, harvest and climatic data related to fly pollination of Hass avocado trees within paired tree enclosures.
Date made availableFeb 2023
PublisherThe University of Western Australia
Temporal coverage2018 - 2019
Date of data production2018 - 2019


  • Avocado
  • Pollination services
  • Blow fly
  • Horticulture

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