Input and output datasets for the testing of joint inversion code(s) and sensitivity analysis.

  • Jeremie Giraud (Creator)
  • Vitaliy Ogarko (Creator)
  • Evren Pakyuz-Charrier (Creator)
  • Mark Jessell (Creator)
  • Mark Lindsay (Creator)
  • Roland Martin (Creator)



Dataset associated to the paper: "Sensitivity of constrained joint inversions to geological and petrophysical input data uncertainties with posterior geological analysis" by Giraud J., Ogarko V., Pakyuz-Charrier E., Jessell M., Lindsay M., and Martin R. 

This paper is under review for publication in Geophysical Journal International. The complete reference will be updated upon publication.

This dataset comprises:
- petrophysical model (x3)
- reference models for density contrast and magnetic susceptibility 
- density contrast and magnetic susceptibility starting models (x3)
- inverted density contrast and magnetic susceptibility models (x3)
- three probabilistic geological models (x3)
Date made available2018

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