High-resolution synthetic UV–submm images for simulated Milky Way-type galaxies from the Auriga project (Au 9-15)

  • Anand Utsav Kapoor (Creator)
  • Peter Camps (Contributor)
  • Maarten Baes (Contributor)
  • Ana Trcka (Contributor)
  • Robert J.J. Grand (Contributor)
  • Arjen Van Der Wel (Contributor)
  • Ilse De Looze (Contributor)
  • Luca Cortese (Contributor)
  • Daniela Barrientos (Contributor)



We present redshift-zero synthetic observational data considering dust attenuation and dust emission for the thirty galaxies of the Auriga project, calculated with the SKIRT radiative transfer code. The set of thirty Auriga galaxies reproduce a wide range of present-day observables, in particular, disk-dominated galaxies with appropriate stellar masses, sizes, rotation curves, star formation rates, and metallicities. The post-processing procedure includes components for star-forming regions, stellar sources, and diffuse dust taking into account stochastic heating of dust grains. This allows us to obtain realistic high-resolution broadband images and fluxes from ultraviolet to sub-millimeter wavelengths. Please visit auriga.ugent.be for more information.

This dataset contains images/SEDs for Auriga galaxies 9-15 i.e. 7/30 galaxies.
Date made available2021

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