High quality chromosome level Eleusine indica genomes

  • Eric Patterson (Creator)
  • Qin Yu (Supervisor)
  • Chun Zhang (Funder)



One glyphosate-susceptible (GS) and one glyphosate-resistant (GR) population of E. indica (due to EPSPS copy number variation) that were characterized in a previous study were collected from Guangdong Province, China. Genome of both GS and GR were sequenced and assembled using IIlumina, PacBio and Hi-C. Chromosome level GS and GR E. indica reference genomes were generated.
Date made available25 Jul 2023
PublisherGene Expression Omnibus (NCBI)
Date of data production25 Jul 2023
Geographical coverageGuangdong Province, South China


  • GRDC
  • E. indica
  • genome
  • CNV

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