HI absorption associated to Norma's brightest cluster galaxy



Continuum and HI spectral cubes and multi-frequency synthesis continuum map towards the Norma cluster's brightest cluster galaxy, ESO137-G006. Cubes contain HI flux as a function of position and velocity. HI absorption has been detected to be associated to ESO137-G006. Telescope: The Australian Telescope Compact Array (ATCA) Centre RA: 16:15:04 Centre Dec: -60:54:26 Radius of cubes: 1 arcmin Radius of continuum map: 0.5 deg Synthesised Beam: 9 arcsec by 7 arcsec at 31 degrees Pixel Size: 2 arcsec RMS noise: 9 mJy/beam Frequency: 1396 MHz Velocity Resolution: 6.6 km/s Detection centre: 5460 km/s Detection width: 192 km/s Spectral noise: 9 mJy For more detailed information refer to Saraf, M et al 2022 (submitted to MNRAS)
Date made available13 Dec 2022
PublisherCSIRO Publishing

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