General Spread Model



GeneralSpreadModel.R contains the code to model spread as per Triska and Renton 2015 (
This produces spread simulations over the defined time period and landscape with user-defined dispersal characteristics
Also, the number of individuals that 'escape' is saved during this step.

Surveillance Strategies are contained in the following files:
GridRandomSurveillance.R #This file contains the code for defining grid and random surveillance over the landscape
#The following files contain the code for defining strategic surveillance strategies with the number of traps defined in the file name.

The general spread output and the surveillance strategies are combined to determine time to detection and the spread of at the time of detection in the file below.
Date made available12 Oct 2017
PublisherThe University of Western Australia


  • Spread Model
  • Dispersal
  • Simlation Model
  • 060799 Plant Biology not elsewhere classified

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Triska, M. (Creator), Renton, M. (Creator)(12 Oct 2017). General Spread Model. The University of Western Australia. GeneralSpreadModel(.R), GridRandomSurveillance(.R), Arrangement12TrapsStrategic(.R), Arrangement25TrapsStrategic(.R), Arrangement50TrapsStrategic(.R), Arrangement100TrapsStrategic(.R), CombinedSpreadSurveillance(.R). 10.4225/23/59f8279a6b418