Finite Element Method Numerical Simulation results for analysis of Segment Model of Bolted Ring Flange



Paraview results files for FEM numerical simulations of Segment Model of Bolted Ring Flange described in conference papers "Predicting Bolt Stress Under Uncertainty in Offshore Wind Turbine Structural Connections Using a Gaussian Process Surrogate Model" and "Probabilistic assessment of the effect of bolt pre-load loss over time in offshore wind turbine bolted ring-flanges using a gaussian process surrogate model" (DOI:

The FEM simulation is described in these papers, and details of the simulation settings is provided in the files "DOE_IDs.csv" & "FAT_IDs.csv". Data can be opened using Paraview Open Source Software. FEM simulations completed using the cloud -based numerical simulator SimScale.
Date made available22 Dec 2022
PublisherThe University of Western Australia
Date of data production20 Jan 2021 - 3 Feb 2021

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