Figure 7 from: Framenau V, Miglio L, Harms D, Harvey M (2014) Four new Mouse Spider species (Araneae, Mygalomorphae, Actinopodidae, Missulena) from Western Australia. ZooKeys 410: 121-148.

  • Laura Miglio (Creator)
  • Danilo Harms (Creator)
  • Volker Framenau (Creator)
  • Mark Harvey (Creator)



Figure 7 - Missulena leniae sp. n., holotype male (WAM T96784): A carapace, lateral view B eye group, dorsal view C carapace, dorsal view D rastellum, dorsal view E same, ventral view F pedipalp, proventral view G bulb and embolus, retrolateral view H embolus, ventral view I bulb and embolus, prolateral view J same, ventral view. Arrows: (EL) embolar lamella.
Date made available22 May 2014

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