Fig 10. Time series of the theoretical vertical velocities (w) predicted from (Eq 4) and their integrated vertical displacements (h’) from (Eq 5): Ocean Transport Pathways to a World Heritage Fringing Coral Reef: Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia



(a) Predictions of the vertical velocity (m day-1) from the along-shelf winds (thin solid line, term 1 in (Eq 4)) and geostrophic transport (thick dash line, term 2 in (Eq 4)). (b) Comparison of the simulated vertical displacement distances of particles initialized in PRZ2 in Fig 2 (blue bars) with the theoretically predicted values from (Eq 5) (red bars). Each bar represents the domain (PRZ2) averaged vertical displacement of particles over each individual 10-day simulation period, with each season highlighted by the grey boxes.
Date made available2016
PublisherPublic Library of Science (PLoS)

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