Database of Single pulses from the Parkes telescope

  • Songbo Zhang (Creator)
  • George Hobbs (Creator)
  • Chris Russell (Creator)
  • Lawrence Toomey (Creator)
  • Shi Dai (Creator)
  • James M. Dempsey (Creator)
  • Dick Manchester (Creator)
  • Simon Johnston (Creator)
  • Lister Staveley-Smith (Creator)



This database records all the single pulse candidates with snr above 7 during re-processing all of the observations obtained during the first four years (from 1997 to 2001) of the Parkes multibeam receiver. It contains 568,736,756 pulse candidates, include five FRBs (one is new); five single pulse candidates from unknown sources, but with Galactic dispersion measure, and 385 unique pulsars with single pulses of S/N >=8. We also provide few tools to manage the database :
Date made available31 Jan 2020
PublisherCSIRO Publishing

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