Data from: Overwintering tropical herbivores accelerate detritus production on temperate reefs (2019)

  • Salvador Zarco-Perello (Contributor)



This dataset is the abundances of the range-shifting tropical rabbitfish Siganus fuscescens and compared these with the most important kelp consumers native of temperate reefs of Western Australia: Kyphosus sydneyanus and Olisthops cyanomelas. The study was carried out at temperate rocky reefs in southwestern Australia where the rabbitfish S. fuscescens has established populations following a marine heatwave in 2011. See cited paper for methods and analysis.
Date made available2023
PublisherCSIRO National Collections and Marine Infrastructure (NCMI) Information and Data Centre (IDC)
Geographical coveragesouthwest Western Australia coastline
Geospatial polygon-33.63, 115.8, -31.79, 115.03

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