Data from: Estimating outflow facility through pressure dependent pathways of the human eye



All relevant data are within the paper and DOI. Additionally, experimental data were used from the studies available at the following PubMed PMIDs: WOS:A1989T196500006, 1123284, WOS:A19667668300017, WOS:A1980KV24500011, 23761082, WOS:000358440700004, WOS:000392954300026, WOS:000314181000012, WOS:A1964XE60100002, WOS:A1963XE59400010, 335549, 23761082, WOS:000333765100006, WOS:000404393400001, WOS:000296989700009, WOS:000179534200022, WOS:000079526600006, WOS:000392380000041, WOS:A1987G808800008, WOS:000226542100001, WOS:000085484900007, 23462745.
Date made available20 Dec 2017
PublisherPublic Library of Science (PLoS)

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