Comparison of pulsar positions from timing and very long baseline astrometry

  • Jingbo Wang (Creator)
  • Bill Coles (Contributor)
  • George Hobbs (Creator)
  • Ryan Shannon (Creator)
  • Dick Manchester (Creator)
  • Kerr Matthew (Contributor)
  • Matthew Bailes (Contributor)
  • Ramesh Bhat (Creator)
  • Shi Dai (Creator)
  • James M. Dempsey (Creator)
  • Michael J. Keith (Creator)
  • Paul Lasky (Contributor)
  • Yuri Levin (Creator)
  • Stefan Oslowski (Creator)
  • Vikram Ravi (Creator)
  • Daniel John Reardon (Creator)
  • Pablo A. Rosado (Creator)
  • Chris Russell (Creator)
  • RenĂ©e Spiewak (Contributor)
  • Willem Van Straten (Creator)
  • Lawrence Toomey (Creator)
  • Linqing Wen (Creator)
  • Xingjiang Zhu (Contributor)
  • Xiaopeng You (Creator)
  • Na Wang (Creator)
  • Jianping Yuan (Contributor)



Wang et al., (2017) compared pulsar positions obtained through pulsar timing and through VLBI. The research required processing pulsar data files and developing software scripts. These are provided in this collection.
Date made available13 Feb 2017
PublisherCSIRO Publishing

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