Clover v3 assembly

  • Olga Dudchenko (Creator)
  • Melanie Pham (Creator)
  • Christopher Lui (Creator)
  • Philipp Bayer (Creator)
  • William Erskine (Creator)
  • Erez Lieberman Aiden (Creator)



We present an assembly of the genome of subterranean clover, Trifolium subterraneum, an important pasture legume. Specifically, in situ Hi-C data (48X) was used to correct misjoins and anchor, order, and orient scaffolds in a previously published genome assembly (TSUd_r1.1; scaffold N50: 287kb). This resulted in an improved genome assembly (TrSub3; scaffold N50: 56Mb) containing eight chromosome-length scaffolds that span 95% of the sequenced bases in the input assembly.
Date made available7 Dec 2017

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Dudchenko, O. (Creator), Pham, M. (Creator), Lui, C. (Creator), Bayer, P. E. (Creator), Erskine, W. (Creator), Aiden, E. L. (Creator)(7 Dec 2017). Clover v3 assembly. Zenodo. 10.5281/zenodo.1095215