CCS - MV Seca 2019 V02 Diver Deployed Sediment Cores

  • John Keesing (Creator)
  • Joanna Strzelecki (Creator)
  • Damian P. Thomson (Creator)
  • Mick Haywood (Creator)
  • Melanie Trapon (Creator)
  • Lydiane Mattio (Creator)
  • Sarah Stephenson (Creator)



Four 10 cm and four 5 cm diameter sediment cores were collected at each of the study sites in the Gippsland area, Victoria. Cores were collected by hand and involved divers pushing the core into the sediment to a depth of 10 cm depth and capping the core at both ends using rubber stoppers. At each site 4 cores of each size were collected for bacteria and infauna, replicated on 2 spatial scales, 1 m apart and 10 m apart. Sediment cores have been processed and analysed for infaunal diversity and abundance (top 10 cm of caore), bacteria DNA (0-2 cm core depth and 8-10 cm core depth) and infauna DNA (top 10 cm of cores); XRD, TC/TOC/TN and particle size will be analysed for some cores.
Date made available17 May 2021
PublisherCSIRO Publishing

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