CCS - MV Seca 2018 V01 RUV -Renamed Files-

  • Damian P. Thomson (Creator)
  • Mick Haywood (Creator)
  • Melanie Trapon (Creator)
  • Joanna Strzelecki (Creator)
  • Lydiane Mattio (Creator)
  • Sarah Stephenson (Creator)



Project Overview: A range of solutions will be required to reach globally agreed emissions reductions targets for carbon dioxide (CO2). Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is part of the suite of technologies that will contribute to lowering atmospheric emissions of CO2 from Australia's energy system. There are a wide variety of technologies at various stages of technical and commercial readiness, with more development underway for cost effective CO2 capture and storage. Our research will provide new knowledge to inform cost-efficient measurement, monitoring and verification (MMV) of the environment of CCS projects in coastal waters. --o-- Two remote stereo underwater video RUV units were built and supplied by SeaGIS Pty. Ltd. ( The RUV systems consisted of a pair of GoPro Hero 5 cameras mounted inside waterproof housings that were fitted to a stainless steel frame. The frames were supplied with breakaway legs, so that the units could be reliably retrieved in the event of fouling on the seabed. Breakaway legs also enabled ballast to be readily adjusted to suit the prevailing conditions. To aid in the deployment and recovery of the RUV units, each unit was attached to a surface buoy with 8 mm rope. NOTE: Renamed image and video files only
Date made available18 Jan 2020
PublisherCSIRO Publishing
Date of data production5 Apr 2018 - 8 Apr 2018

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