Boron systematics of aragonite

  • Thomas DeCarlo (Creator)



This code calculates coral calcifying fluid carbonate ion concentration ([CO32-]) given inputs of skeleton boron/calcium (B/Ca) and boron isotopes (del11B) data. The default analysis will calculate the calcifying fluid [CO32-] of the international coral standard "JCp-1" (a ground Porites skeleton), but this code may be applied to any other coral samples with paired measurements of B/Ca and del11B. Use the Interface to adjust the input parameters.

The calculations performed in the code are based on the B/Ca partitioning results of Holcomb et al. (2016) "Factors affecting B/Ca ratios in synthetic aragonite", combined with calculations previously shown for boron isotopes. In combination, B/Ca and boron isotopes can be used to calculate the calcifying fluid [CO32-], as demonstrated here. Note that this code is thus an extension of the results of Holcomb et al. (2016), rather than a reproduction of the analysis in the paper.
Date made available8 May 2017
PublisherCode Ocean

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