Australian vegetated coastal ecosystems as global hotspots for climate change mitigation

  • Oscar Serrano (Contributor)
  • Catherine Lovelock (Contributor)
  • Trisha Atwood (Contributor)
  • Peter I. Macreadie (Contributor)
  • Robert Canto (Contributor)
  • Stuart Phinn (Contributor)
  • Ariane Arias-Ortiz (Contributor)
  • Le Bai (Contributor)
  • Jeff Baldock (Contributor)
  • Camila Bedulli (Contributor)
  • Paul E. Carnell (Contributor)
  • Rod Connolly (Contributor)
  • Paul Donaldson (Contributor)
  • Alba Esteban (Contributor)
  • Carolyn J. Ewers Lewis (Contributor)
  • Brad Eyre (Contributor)
  • Matthew A. Hayes (Contributor)
  • Pierre Horwitz (Contributor)
  • Lindsay Hutley (Contributor)
  • Christopher R.J. Kavazos (Contributor)
  • Jeffrey Kelleway (Contributor)
  • Gary Kendrick (Contributor)
  • Kieryn Kilminster (Contributor)
  • Anna Lafratta (Contributor)
  • Shing Yip Lee (Contributor)
  • Paul Lavery (Contributor)
  • Damien Maher (Contributor)
  • Núria Marbà (Contributor)
  • Pere Masque (Contributor)
  • Miguel A. Mateo (Contributor)
  • Richard Mount (Contributor)
  • Peter Ralph (Contributor)
  • Christiaan Roelfsema (Contributor)
  • Mohammad Rozaimi (Contributor)
  • Radhiyah Ruhon (Contributor)
  • Cristian Salinas (Contributor)
  • Jimena Samper-Villarreal (Contributor)
  • Jonathan Sanderman (Contributor)
  • Christian J Sanders (Contributor)
  • Isaac Santos (Contributor)
  • Chris Sharples (Contributor)
  • Andy Steven (Contributor)
  • Toni Cannard (Contributor)
  • Stacey M. Trevathan-Tackett (Contributor)
  • Carlos Duarte (Contributor)



Data on C stocks and sequestration rates in Australian tidal marshes, mangrove forests and seagrass meadows were compiled from published data. In addition, unpublished studies from the CSIRO Marine and Coastal Carbon Biogeochemistry Cluster project and other studies by the co-authors were included. Data from 1,553 study sites (593 from tidal marshes, 323 from mangrove forests and 637 from seagrass meadows) on soil C stocks (1,103 cores in total), soil C sequestration rates (352 cores in total) and standing C stocks in aboveground biomass (98 measurements in total) were used in this study. Detailed methods are provided in the manuscript linked to this dataset.
Date made available23 Jul 2019
PublisherCSIRO Publishing

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