Australian Survey of Social Attitudes, 2005



The 2005 Australian Survey of Social Attitudes (AuSSA) is the second in a biennial series that studies social attitudes and behaviour of Australian citizens for the Australian and international research community. AuSSA provides cross-sectional data on the social attitudes and behaviour of Australians, repeating a core questionnaire for each cross-section and fielding specific modules relevant to the changing needs of the social research community. AuSSA is Australia's official survey in the International Social Survey Program and regularly includes ISSP modules. AuSSA 2005 includes both the ISSP's Citizenship and Work Orientations III modules. The 2005 Survey includes attitudes and behaviours that are organised into seven standard categories: Describing Australia; Community Life; The Law and Authority; Families, Relationships and Health, Australia and the World; Taxes and Government Services; and Work, Education and Living Standards. AuSSA 2005 also includes demographic and behavioural variables that survey: sex, year born, income, education, employment, home ownership, union membership, languages spoken, birthplace, household composition and religion. Also included are questions about the partner of the respondent: employment, highest-level of education and income.
Date made available1 Jan 2017
PublisherDataverse (Australian Data Archive, ADA)

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