Australian Election Database - New South Wales House of Assembly



Summary details for each election year for the New South Wales House of Assembly elections since 1856. This data includes electoral system characteristics, seats in chamber, number of enrolled voters, ballots cast, rate of voter turnout and rate of informal voting. uncontested seats: the number of seats in which only one candidate ran for office, and won the seat without any votes having to be cast. The database shows the number of voters enrolled in uncontested seats. Although there have been very few uncontested seats at general elections in Australia since 1980, they were a regular feature of elections in some states until the 1960s. The frequency of uncontested seats and the number of enrolled voters they contain can be a useful indicator of the competitiveness of the party system at a general election. For more information and analysis, see Campbell Sharman, 'Uncontested Seats and the Evolution of Party Competition: The Australian Case', Party Politics, 9(6) November 2003: 679-702.
Date made available29 Nov 2018
PublisherDataverse (Australian Data Archive, ADA)
Temporal coverage1856 - 2007
Date of data production29 Apr 2010
Geographical coverageAustralia News South Wales

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