Australian Election Campaign Television News Coverage 2007 Channel 7 Perth 6pm weighted days

  • William Bowe (Contributor)



The 2007 election campaign TV news coverage files extend previous sets of TV news coverage data gathered by David Denemark (1998) and by David Denemark, Clive Bean ((Queensland Univ of Technology) and Ian Ward (Univ of Queensland), 2001). The aim of the project was to explore television news coverage of Australian election campaigns and measured the amount of television coverage of political parties, leaders and election issues. National bulletins were collected and local news in Brisbane and Perth during the 2007 federal election campaign. This study was also conducted in 1998 and 2001. This study measures coverage of 12 election issues and 10 other issues as defined in the Australian Election Study, 2007 (ADA No. 1120). This file refers to the Channel 7 PerthNews coverage at 6 pm. Variables include time in seconds given to political parties and political leaders. Also measured was time given to election issues including: education, environment, health, industrial relations and taxation. Prominence of the news bulletin in the news (x10 for lead story; 9 for second story in the bulletin; 8 for third story…1 for 10th or lower story) was used to generate "weighted seconds." The combined weighted seconds on any given leader/party/issue for a given day in the campaign generated "weighted days" measures. All news sessions for during the campaign for the targeted channels were captured. There were NO missing bulletins.
Date made available1 Jan 2019
PublisherDataverse (Australian Data Archive, ADA)

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