Australian Alcohol and Non-alcohol (AAN) Image Stimuli Set



Photographic image stimuli of various alcohol and non-alcohol beverages designed for experimental use. Beverages were selected on the basis that they are easily recognisable to Australian individuals. Many of these beverages are of international brands.

Photographs were taken of eight common alcoholic beverages of varying brands (three beers, three wines, two spirits) and eight common non-alcoholic beverages of varying brands (three carbonated drinks, three waters, two fruit juices), each positioned next to a glass filled with that beverage. Each beverage was photographed four times, varying the size of the glass (small or large) and the position of the glass relative to the bottle (left or right). This stimuli set thus includes 32 alcohol images and 32 non-alcohol images (8 brands x 2 glass sizes x 2 positional orientations). Images have been cropped to be square (768 pixels x 768 pixels) and are in .bmp format. Images are also available in alternative versions (768 x 768 pixels) designed to appear as portrait or landscape when presented on a mid-grey background.
Date made available27 Nov 2020
PublisherThe University of Western Australia


  • alcohol images
  • non-alcohol images
  • alcohol stimuli
  • non-alcohol stimuli

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