Australia Telescope Compact Array Data Products for Project C1967 (The ATLAS 1.4 GHz survey): derived catalogues DR1

  • Andrew Hopkins (Creator)
  • Emil Lenc (Creator)
  • Enno Middelberg (Contributor)
  • Ray P. Norris (Creator)
  • Kate Chow (Creator)
  • Minnie Mao (Contributor)
  • Minh Huynh (Creator)
  • Christopher Hales (Contributor)



ATLAS is a project to image seven square degrees of sky, in two fields (CDF-S and ELAIS-S1), at radio wavelengths, to an rms of about 15 µJy, making it the widest deep radio survey aver attempted. The fields are chosen to cover the Spitzer Wide-Area IR Extragalactic Survey (SWIRE), and the radio images cut through the dust, to trace the cosmic history of AGN and star-forming galaxies.

Data release 1 contains two catalogues from the deep ATLAS radio observations of the CDFS-SWIRE field:

1) radio components; and
2) radio sources with their identifications and classifications
Date made available24 Mar 2016
PublisherCSIRO Publishing

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