ASKAP Data Products for Project AS031 (BETA Science Observations): images and visibilities

  • Lisa Harvey-Smith (Contributor)
  • Jessica Chapman (Contributor)
  • Emil Lenc (Contributor)
  • David McConnell (Contributor)
  • Philip Edwards (Contributor)
  • Chris Phillips (Contributor)
  • Bob Sault (Contributor)
  • John N J Reynolds (Contributor)
  • Ian Heywood (Contributor)
  • Paolo Serra (Contributor)
  • Aaron Chippendale (Contributor)
  • Attila Popping (Contributor)
  • James Richard Allison (Contributor)
  • Balthasar Indermuehle (Contributor)
  • Martin E. Bell (Contributor)
  • Keith Bannister (Contributor)
  • John David Bunton (Contributor)
  • Amy Kimball (Contributor)
  • Pietro Procopio (Contributor)
  • Malte Marquarding (Contributor)



The Boolardy Engineering Test Array (BETA; Hotan et al. 2014) is a six-antenna prototype of the Australian SKA Pathnder (ASKAP) telescope. The ASKAP Commissioning and Early Science team will use BETA for a limited number of science observations that will exploit the unique wide-eld capabilities of BETA between 700 and 1800 MHz.
Date made available2 Nov 2015
PublisherCSIRO Publishing

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