Additional file 3 of Genome-wide identification of the geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate synthase (GGPS) gene family involved in chlorophyll synthesis in cotton

  • Wenxiang Feng (Creator)
  • Teame gereziher Mehari (Creator)
  • Hui Fang (Creator)
  • Meijun Ji (Creator)
  • Zijian Qu (Creator)
  • Mengxue Jia (Creator)
  • Dongmei Wang (Creator)
  • Allah Ditta (Creator)
  • Muhammad K.R. Khan (Creator)
  • Yunying Cao (Creator)
  • Jianyong Wu (Creator)
  • Baohua Wang (Creator)



Additional file 3: Supplementary Table S3. List of genes and their accession IDs for G. hirsutum, G. arboreum, G. raimondii, G. barbadense and A. thaliana.
Date made available5 Apr 2023

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