Additional file 3 of Genetic variants of TLR4, including the novel variant, rs5030719, and related genes are associated with susceptibility to clinical malaria in African children

  • Amir Ariff (Creator)
  • Yong Song (Creator)
  • Ruth Aguilar (Creator)
  • Augusto Nhabomba (Creator)
  • Maria Nelia Manaca (Creator)
  • Kim Khoo (Creator)
  • Selma Wiertsema (Creator)
  • Quique Bassat (Creator)
  • Arnoldo Barbosa (Creator)
  • Llorenç Quintó (Creator)
  • Ingrid Laing (Creator)
  • Caterina Guinovart (Creator)
  • Pedro L. Alonso (Creator)
  • Carlota Dobaño (Creator)
  • Peter Le Souef (Creator)
  • Brad Zhang (Creator)



Additional file 3: Table S3. Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium statistical values for maternal single nucleotide polymorphismsstudied herein. Only SNPs with a minor allele count of more than 5 were included in this analysis. The column for ‘chi-square’ values is calculated with 1 degree of freedom. The column for ‘p-value’ includes a continuity correction. Column ‘D’ denotes the disequilibrium coefficient for each SNP.
Date made available7 Jun 2023

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