Additional file 2 of Large-scale manipulation of promoter DNA methylation reveals context-specific transcriptional responses and stability

  • Alex de Mendoza Soler (Creator)
  • Trung Viet Nguyen (Creator)
  • Ethan Ford (Creator)
  • Daniel Poppe (Creator)
  • Sam Buckberry (Creator)
  • Jahnvi Pflueger (Creator)
  • Matthew R. Grimmer (Creator)
  • Sabine Stolzenburg (Creator)
  • Ozren Bogdanovic (University of New South Wales) (Creator)
  • Alicia Oshlack (Creator)
  • Peggy J. Farnham (Creator)
  • Pilar Blancafort (Creator)
  • Ryan Lister (Creator)



Additional file 2: Supplementary Table S1: WGBS stats, S2: Promoter DMRs, S3: Alternative TSS in ZF-D3A-wt, and S4: Alternative TSS in ZF-D3A-mut.
Date made available2022

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