Acclimatization of massive reef-building corals to consecutive heatwaves

  • Thomas DeCarlo (Contributor)



Data and code to reproduce statistical analyses and create figures for "Acclimatization of massive reef-building corals to consecutive heatwaves" published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B. The code analyzes "stress bands" that were observed within the skeletons of long-lived Porites corals collected from the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea. Tests performed within the code include analysis of stress band occurrence vs. time, stress band occurrence vs. heat stress during the 21st century, changes in sensitivity (stress bands / heat stress index) over time, and odds ratios of stress bands within individual cores. Additionally, the code compares satellite-derived sea surface temperature data to in situ temperature loggers for select reef locations.
Date made available22 Feb 2019
PublisherCode Ocean

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