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Hook Plates - ARCHAE-AUS images 2004

Veth, P. (Creator) & McDonald, J. (Data Manager), The University of Western Australia, 27 Feb 2013


RESPECTED metadata-deidentified

Mountain, D. (Creator) & Chakera, A. (Data Manager), The University of Western Australia, 27 Jul 2016


Data Supporting: Flood simulation and uncertainty in ungauged basins - Markov-Chain Monte Carlo multi-satellite data assimilation.

Callow, N. (Creator), Hipsey, M. (Contributor) & Adiyanti, S. (Contributor), The University of Western Australia, 7 Apr 2018



Data from: Spatio-temporal transcript profiling of rice roots and shoots in response to phosphate starvation and recovery

Secco, D. (Creator), Jabnoune, M. (Creator), Walker, H. (Creator), Shou, H. (Creator), Wu, P. (Creator), Poirier, Y. (Creator) & Whelan, J. M. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 19 Nov 2013


Supplementary Data 4: Transcriptional regulation by σ factor phosphorylation in bacteria

Iyer, S. C. (Creator), Casas-Pastor, D. (Creator), Kraus, D. (Creator), Mann, P. (Creator), Schirner, K. (Creator), Glatter, T. (Creator), Fritz, G. (Creator) & Ringgaard, S. (Creator), Springer Nature, 27 Jan 2020


Transcription start site profiling of 15 anatomical regions of the Macaca mulatta central nervous system

Francescatto, M. (Creator), Lizio, M. (Creator), Philippens, I. (Creator), Bontrop, R. (Creator), Sakai, M. (Creator), Watanabe, S. (Creator), Itoh, M. (Creator), Hasegawa, A. (Creator), Lassmann, T. (Creator), Severin, J. (Creator), Harshbarger, J. (Creator), Abugessaisa, I. (Creator), Kasukawa, T. (Creator), Carninci, P. (Creator), Hayashizaki, Y. (Creator), Forrest, A. (Creator), Kawaji, H. (Creator), Rizzu, P. (Creator) & Heutink, P. (Creator), Scientific Data, 31 Oct 2017


Weight loss at 24-hours after permanent MCAO.

Milani, D. (Creator), Bakeberg, M. (Creator), Cross, J. (Creator), Clark, V. W. (Creator), Anderton, R. S. (Creator), Blacker, D. (Creator), Knuckey, N. (Creator) & Meloni, B. (Creator), Public Library of Science (PLoS), 7 Mar 2018


Mauna Kea permafrost survey, Geophysical Data

Leopold, M. (Creator) & Schorghofer, N. (Creator), Zenodo, 21 Sep 2017