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Western Desert Canning Stock Route

McDonald, J. (Creator), Winton, V. (Creator) & Carson, A. (Creator), The University of Western Australia, 27 Feb 2013


WiggleZ Dark Energy Survey Baryon Acoustic Oscillation Random Catalogues

Blake, C. (Creator), Kazin, E. (Creator), Buetler, F. (Creator), Davis, T. M. (Creator), Parkinson, D. (Creator), Brough, S. (Creator), Colless, M. (Creator), Couch, W. J. (Creator), Croom, S. M. (Creator), Croton, D. (Creator), Drinkwater, M. J. (Creator), Forster, K. (Creator), David, G. (Creator), Gladders, M. (Creator), Glazebrook, K. (Creator), Jelliffe, B. (Creator), Jurek, R. (Creator), Li, I. (Creator), Madore, B. F. (Creator), Christopher Martin, D. (Creator), Pimbblet, K. (Creator), Poole, G. (Creator), Pracy, M. (Creator), Sharp, R. (Creator), Wisnioski, E. (Creator), Woods, D. (Creator), Wyder, T. K. (Creator) & Yee, H. K. C. (Creator), Zenodo, 7 Sep 2012


X-ray microtomography as a tool for investigating the petrological context of Precambrian cellular remains

Hickman-Lewis, K. (Creator), Garwood, R. J. (Creator), Withers, P. J. (Creator) & Wacey, D. (Creator), Zenodo, 26 Oct 2016