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FLUXNET2015 AU-Ync Jaxa

Beringer, J. (Contributor) & Walker, J. (Contributor), FLUXNET, 2016


Functional domains of NEAT1 architectural lncRNA induce paraspeckle assembly through phase separation (Yamazaki et al.)

Yamazaki, T. (Creator), Souquere, S. (Creator), Chujo, T. (Creator), Kobelke, S. (Creator), Chong, Y. S. (Creator), Fox, A. (Creator), Bond, C. (Creator), Nakagawa, S. (Creator), Pierron, G. (Creator) & Hirose, T. (Creator), Mendeley Data, 28 Jun 2018


General Spread Model

Triska, M. (Creator) & Renton, M. (Creator), The University of Western Australia, 12 Oct 2017