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Volikova, A. (Creator), The University of Western Australia, Aug 2019


PO and Lytic for Plodia selection lines

McNamara, K. B. (Creator), Wedell, N. (Creator) & Simmons, L. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 29 May 2013


Summary of raw data for median ED length of stay (measured in hours), with breakdown by Australasian Triage Score (ATS) categories: Highest acuity (ATS 1&2) attendances; Moderate Acuity (ATS 3) attendances; and lower acuity (ATS 4&5) attendances.

Ngo, H. (Creator), Forero, R. (Creator), Mountain, D. (Creator), Fatovich, D. (Creator), Man, W. N. (Creator), Sprivulis, P. C. (Creator), Mohsin, M. (Creator), Toloo, S. (Creator), Celenza, T. (Creator), Fitzgerald, G. (Creator), Mccarthy, S. (Creator) & Hillman, K. (Creator), Public Library of Science (PLoS), 14 Mar 2018


Assembly and comparison of two closely related Brassica napus genomes

Bayer, P. (Creator), Hurgobin, B. (Creator), Golicz, A. A. (Creator), Chan, C. K. (Creator), Yuan, Y. (Creator), Lee, J. (Creator), Renton, M. (Creator), Meng, J. (Creator), Li, R. (Creator), Long, Y. (Creator), Zou, J. (Creator), Bancroft, I. (Creator), Chalhoub, B. (Creator), King, G. J. (Creator), Batley, J. (Creator) & Edwards, D. (Creator), Zenodo, 17 Mar 2017


Basic graben GeoModeller model and relevant MCUE outputs

Pakyuz-Charrier, E. J. (Creator), Lindsay, M. (Contributor), Ogarko, V. (Contributor), Giraud, J. (Contributor) & Jessell, M. (Contributor), Zenodo, 30 Aug 2017


FLUXNET2015 AU-Ync Jaxa

Beringer, J. (Contributor) & Walker, J. (Contributor), FLUXNET, 2016



Wise, M. (Creator), The University of Western Australia, 14 Dec 2018



Data from: Protein degradation rate in Arabidopsis thaliana leaf growth and development

Li, L. (Creator), Nelson, C. J. (Creator), Trosch, J. (Creator), Castleden, I. R. (Creator), Huang, S. (Creator) & Millar, H. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 31 Jan 2017


SFPQ PARCLIP U2OS data from: Functional Domains of NEAT1 Architectural lncRNA Induce Paraspeckle Assembly through Phase Separation

Yamazaki, T. (Creator), Souquere, S. (Creator), Chujo, T. (Creator), Kobelke, S. (Creator), Chong, Y. S. (Creator), Fox, A. (Creator), Bond, C. (Creator), Nakagawa, S. (Creator), Pierron, G. (Creator) & Hirose, T. (Creator), Gene Expression Omnibus (NCBI), 27 Jun 2018


GSM1979147: AtTric1&2 dko seedlings

Narsai, R. (Creator), Gene Expression Omnibus (NCBI), 23 Dec 2015