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Cruise FK150301 on RV Falkor

McCulloch, M. (Creator), Bowyer, C. (Creator), Falter, J. (Creator), Falter, J. (Creator), Montagna, P. (Creator), Pattiaratchi, C. (Creator), Taviani, M. (Creator), Thresher, R. (Creator), Trotter, J. (Creator), Schoepf, V. (Creator), Garcia-Corral, L. (Creator) & Ross, C. (Creator), Rolling Deck to Repository (R2R), 2015


Cruise FK200126 on RV Falkor

Trotter, J. (Creator), Montagna, P. (Creator), Bowyer, C. (Creator), Foglini, F. (Creator), Hara, A. (Creator), Hosie, A. (Creator), Mazzoli, C. (Creator), McCulloch, M. (Creator), Pattiaratchi, C. (Creator), Remia, A. (Creator), Sadekov, A. (Creator), Sagar, N. (Creator), Skrzypek, G. (Creator), Taviani, M. (Creator), Bond, T. (Creator), Cartwright, P. (Creator), Hajbane, S. (Creator), Handley, K. (Creator), Simpkins, T. (Creator) & Brouwer, J. (Creator), Rolling Deck to Repository (R2R), 25 Feb 2020


Data for: Modulation of joint and limb mechanical work in walk-to-run transition steps in humans

Lay, B. (Creator), Rubenson, J. (Creator) & Pires, N. (Creator), The University of Western Australia, 2 Aug 2018


Data for Microclimate modelling of beach sand temperatures reveals high spatial and temporal variation at sea turtle rookeries

Bentley, B. (Creator), Kearney, M. (Creator), Whiting, S. (Creator) & Mitchell, N. (Creator), The University of Western Australia, 21 Jan 2020



Data from: A competitive environment influences sperm production, but not testes tissue composition, in house mice

Firman, R. (Creator), Garcia, P. (Creator), Simmons, L. (Creator) & Igreja Andre, G. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 1 Aug 2018


Data from: Across the Indian Ocean: a remarkable example of trans-oceanic dispersal in an austral mygalomorph spider

Harrison, S. E. (Creator), Harvey, M. (Creator), Cooper, S. J. B. (Creator), Austin, A. D. (Creator) & Rix, M. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 20 Jun 2018


Data from: Addition of nitrogen to canopy versus understory has different effects on leaf traits of understory plants in a subtropical evergreen broad–leaved forest

Tang, S. (Creator), Zhang, L. (Creator), Lambers, H. (Creator), Ren, W. (Creator), Lu, X. (Creator), Hou, E. (Creator), Fu, S. (Creator) & Kuang, Y. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 21 Aug 2020


Data from: A novel approach to determining dynamic nitrogen thresholds for seagrass conservation

Fernandes, M. B. (Creator), van Gils, J. (Creator), Erftemeijer, P. (Creator), Daly, R. (Creator), Gonzalez, D. (Creator) & Rouse, K. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 18 Jul 2019


Data from: A review of protocols for the experimental release of kelp (Laminariales) zoospores

Alsuwaiyan, N. A. (Creator), Mohring, M. (Creator), Cambridge, M. (Creator), Coleman, M. A. (Creator), Kendrick, G. (Creator) & Wernberg, T. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 20 Dec 2019


Data from: A seascape genetic analysis of a stress-tolerant coral species along the Western Australian coast

Evans, R. (Creator), Ryan, N. (Creator), Travers, M. J. (Creator), Feng, M. (Creator), Hitchen, Y. (Creator) & Kennington, J. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 12 Nov 2018