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Data from: Addition of nitrogen to canopy versus understory has different effects on leaf traits of understory plants in a subtropical evergreen broad–leaved forest

Tang, S. (Creator), Zhang, L. (Creator), Lambers, H. (Creator), Ren, W. (Creator), Lu, X. (Creator), Hou, E. (Creator), Fu, S. (Creator) & Kuang, Y. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 21 Aug 2020


Research data supporting "Modelling of paste ram extrusion subject to liquid phase migration and wall friction"

Patel, M. (Creator), Blackburn, S. (Creator) & Wilson, D. I. (Creator), University of Cambridge, 18 Jul 2017


Mauna Kea permafrost survey, Geophysical Data

Leopold, M. (Creator) & Schorghofer, N. (Creator), Zenodo, 21 Sep 2017


Osteoclast-specific eQTL results for the STMP1, DPYS and DCSTAMP genes

Mullin, B. (Creator), The University of Western Australia, 15 Feb 2019



Data from: A novel stereo-video method to investigate fish-habitat relationships

Collins, D. L. (Creator), Langlois, T. (Creator), Bond, T. (Creator), Holmes, T. (Creator), Harvey, E. S. (Creator), Fisher, R. (Creator) & McLean, D. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 1 Sep 2016


Summary of yield-related QTL identified for water-stress resistance in wheat.

Onyemaobi, I. O. (Creator), Ayalew, H. (Creator), Liu, H. (Creator), Siddique, K. (Creator) & Yan, G. (Creator), Public Library of Science (PLoS), 8 Mar 2018


Data from: A review of protocols for the experimental release of kelp (Laminariales) zoospores

Alsuwaiyan, N. A. (Creator), Mohring, M. (Creator), Cambridge, M. (Creator), Coleman, M. A. (Creator), Kendrick, G. (Creator) & Wernberg, T. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 20 Dec 2019


PO and Lytic for Plodia selection lines

McNamara, K. B. (Creator), Wedell, N. (Creator) & Simmons, L. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 29 May 2013


Xylomelum occidentale (Proteaceae) accesses relatively mobile soil organic phosphorus without releasing carboxylates

Zhong, H. (Contributor), Zhou, J. (Contributor), Wan Azmi, A. (Contributor), Jardim Arruda, A. (Creator), Doolette, A. L. (Creator), Smernik, R. J. (Creator) & Lambers, H. (Contributor), Dryad Digital Repository, 1 Jan 2019


Australian Election Database - All States Lower House Data

Sharman, C. (Contributor), Dataverse (Australian Data Archive, ADA), 1 Jan 2019