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Listerlab/Tepid: 0.8

Stuart, T. J. (Creator), Murray, K. (Creator), Zenodo, 17 Nov 2016



Landscape disturbance variables and woylie capture rate over time

Yeatman, G. J. (Creator), Wayne, A. (Creator), Mills, H. R. (Creator), Prince, J. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 4 Nov 2016


Data from: Temporal patterns in the abundance of a critically endangered marsupial relates to disturbance by roads and agriculture

Yeatman, G. (Creator), Wayne, A. (Creator), Mills, H. (Creator), Prince, J. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 11 Jul 2017


GSM1977638: xl_st10.5_MethylC-seq

Bogdanovic, O. (Creator), Lister, R. (Creator), Gene Expression Omnibus (NCBI), 26 Aug 2016


Drivers of plant traits that allow survival in wetlands

Yingji, P. (Creator), Cieraad, E. (Creator), Clarkson, B. (Creator), Colmer, T. (Creator), Pedersen, O. (Creator), Visser, E. (Creator), Voesenek, L. A. C. J. (Creator), van Bodegom, P. M. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 28 Jan 2020


Remarkable preservation of brain tissues in an Early Cretaceous iguanodontian dinosaur

Brasier, M. D. (Creator), Norman, D. B. (Creator), Liu, A. G. (Creator), Cotton, L. J. (Creator), Hiscocks, J. E. H. (Creator), Garwood, R. J. (Creator), Antcliffe, J. B. (Creator), Wacey, D. (Creator), Zenodo, 27 Oct 2016