Visual Culture and Art in America 1900-2000



This unit examines the role of art and visual culture in America during the twentieth century. A range of visual forms, painting, sculpture, photography, film and video, design, new media, architecture, museums and exhibitions are discussed within the societal contexts and historiography of a century known for dynamic political, economic and technological change. Using methodologies such as the social history of art, iconography and the diverse theoretical positions that have framed the art of the twentieth century, the unit explores the development, production and interpretation of visual culture in North America. Key themes that students are introduced to in lectures and encouraged to further examine through tutorial discussion, written analysis and a research essay include the exploration of the visual culture environment; the role of the artist; visual forms of cultural production; and the influence of modernism and globalisation on the development of an American cultural identity.
Course period1/01/1531/05/20
Course levelUndergraduate
Course formatUnit