Remediation of Soils and Groundwater (ENVT5503)



An advanced unit linking interdisciplinary aspects of soil, groundwater, hydrogeochemistry and biological sciences to form an understanding of pollutant behaviour and of means to mitigate pollutant impact through remediation. The unit focuses on various types of point-source contamination problems (such as hydrocarbons, metal(loid)s), diffuse contamination problems (e.g., agricultural) as well as mining impacts on groundwater quality. A range of common chemical, physical and biological remediation techniques are studied, including natural attenuation and (active) bioremediation. Students are introduced to numerical modelling of the key physical, hydrogeochemical and microbial processes that affect pollutant fate and remediation. Acquired skills are used to assess environmental risks and to plan remediation schemes. Where feasible, site visits are arranged to expose the students to projects at various stages of contamination, remediation and rehabilitation.
Course period24/02/20 → …
Course levelPostgraduate coursework
Course formatUnit